Why language is considered a cultural heritage

Language and history

Most of the known history of mankind is presented in manuscripts, letters, documents, and printed publications. In this case, one of the first materials on which recordings were made are stone, papyrus, and bark.
A language with rather extensive resources can show pictures of the past in all colors. All historical events are presented through the prism of the vision of the world of individual authors. Therefore, the story, set forth even in documentary works that are closest to the objective reflection of events, is not without a share of subjectivity and is part of world culture. As the heritage of culture and at the same time as a historical and legal document, for example, “The Laws of Manu” are considered, and the artistic work “The Word of Igor's Campaign” contains the spirit of its time and conveys events in color.

Language and Literature

Fiction, being one of the central components of culture, does not exist outside of language at all. It is through language that writers convey their complex and incredibly interesting inner world. The verbally described artistic images are enlivened by your imagination.
Also, the language is a kind of bridge between eras. Thanks to the language contemporaries known works of antiquity such as the Iliad and Odyssey, considered the cradle of mankind. In ancient writings revealed the mythology of the peoples of the world. Each era is most vividly represented in the works of its contemporary authors, known and not so much.
And if we talk about preferences, sometimes reading a work of art is much more exciting than watching a movie based on it. In addition, the literary language is much broader and richer than the ordinary language, it is in itself the property of culture.

Generational communication

The language has a very useful information transfer function. It is through language that intergenerational communication takes place. The grandmother passes the experience, knowledge and achievements accumulated over the years and inherited in the folk craft to her granddaughter, and that to her descendants.This is how the oral succession of the wisdom of the people and the life creativity of experience takes place. In this case, the language is the bearer of oral folk art.

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