Why is the symbol of Russia a birch?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 6, 2015
Why is the symbol of Russia a birch?

Everyone knows that birch has long been considered one of the main symbols of Russia. However, not everyone knows why this tree in the representation of both the Russians and foreigners is associated with the country.

In this article we will explain why birch is a symbol of Russia and where this image originates from.

Birch in Ancient Russia

From time immemorial the Slavs treated the birch in a special way. Of course, in some areas of this tree they even feared, endowing it with magical properties and believing that swamp creatures and even mermaids live in it. However, most often the image of a birch was associated with purity, fertility and rebirth. This is due to the fact that birch blossoms in spring first.

In addition, most of the ancient Slavs believed that birch drives away evil spirits, therefore, birch branches were laid out around sheds and houses: they protected their inhabitants from witches and other evil spirits.In addition, the famous birch broom in the Russian bath was also associated with healing and spiritual cleansing.

It is important to note that the word "birch" comes from the verb "take care", which, in turn, goes back to the word "beregina". With this word, the Slavs in ancient times designated the mother of all spirits. Her image, as it turns out, was symbolized by birch. That is why after the tree has also become a symbol of the feminine and femininity in general.

Attitude to birch in our days

Today, the question of why birch is a symbol of Russia can be answered simply: it is the most common tree in the country. And really, how can you imagine a forest in Russia, in which there will be no birch trees? It is obvious that all national signs and beliefs, along with a similar prevalence, made birch so popular.

However, it also became a symbol of Russia thanks to the magnificent poems of the great Russian poet Sergey Yesenin. As is known, the image of a birch can be considered key in his work. In this case, the birch in the early poems of the poet acts as a symbol of a beautiful girl, and then develops into the image of his love for the motherland. It is noteworthy that such an allegory was perceived by emigrants of that time with great sentimentality and warmth.Therefore, birch has increasingly become perceived as one of the main symbols of Russia.

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