Willem-Alexander: the king, who chose his wife on a horoscope

To meet his one and only, he had to go through ... a lot of novels.

Prince Orange of Willem-Alexander is considered one of the youngest and richest monarchs of the modern world, his fortune totals $ 12 billion. A man in his prime, and even with such an enviable capital and a mass of fascinating hobbies is a tempting target for thousands of hunters. However, the prince’s heart has long and securely been occupied by a blond beauty with the courageous name of Maxim. But the prince met his love not at once.

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From model to sportswoman

Willem-Alexander - the royal son, his mother - Queen Beatrice, so the prince has never been deprived of female attention, despite the nondescript appearance. And he eagerly enjoyed his popularity, having won the laurels of the main Lovelace of the Netherlands.

Among the victories of love were not only childhood friends, but also very famous young ladies, among them the model of the brand Victoria’s Secret, Frederick van der Val, and the Olympic champion in speed skating, Yvonne van Gennip.But, despite the different types and characters, all the girls of the prince were united by one thing - they were not at all blue-blooded. And no matter how the mother-queen tried to introduce the future king to his worthy party, Willem-Alexander still attracted “commoners” in T-shirts and torn jeans. The prince also met his true love by chance. And that's how it was ...

Argentinian and King

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Maxim Cherruti, a native of Buenos Aires, was predicted to the king ... by an astrologer in a women's magazine. At a time when the public had already lost hope that the then 30-year-old prince was finally getting married, one publication published a curious astrological forecast. In an article in the De Telefraaf publication, the local astrologer told the prince a foreign wife. And, practically pointing at the sky, turned out to be right. At a private party in Spain, Willem-Alexander was unexpectedly introduced to an Argentinian and a Deutsche Bank employee in Brussels, Maxima Sorregieta Cherruti.

The fragile blonde with the 43rd size of shoes turned out to be like the whole royal family. Perhaps due to extraordinary biographical facts. Maxima is an illegitimate child, the daughter of a mafia, but then the Minister of Agriculture in Argentina.While the pope was in power, thousands of innocent Argentines were repressed, but the queen Beatrice was not embarrassed by the biography of her future daughter-in-law. Thanks to the approval of the family relationship, the couple began to develop quite quickly.

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True, the stick in the wheels endlessly inserted the ex-girlfriend of Prince Emily. The girl could not forget the three-year relationship and occasionally met with Willem-Alexander in neutral territory. When the rumors about the changes of the new boyfriend reached Maxims, the hot Argentine woman did not lose her head and made a huge scandal. Yes, such that the prince immediately realized everything and at Christmas 2001 made his difficult choice an offer.

On February 2, 2002, Maxima officially entered the royal family, and even invited the one to the wedding, because of whom she had spent a lot of nerves.

After happy end

But even despite the fact that even the queen approved the choice of the prince, many parliamentarians opposed the marriage of the prince with the daughter of the minister of dictator regime Videla. And without the consent of Parliament, the wedding could not take place. As a result, permission was obtained, but with the condition that the parents of the bride will not be at the wedding. Therefore, Maxim had to abandon the dream of all the girls so that her father would lead her to the altar.

After a luxurious wedding in three languages ​​(Spanish, English and Dutch) in the best fabulous traditions and the solemn truce of former rivals Emily and Maxima, the usual royal life began. The newly-made princess no longer returned to the bank - now she spends three days with her three daughters, supports her husband, and exemplary performs all the royal duties. No wonder that Maxim has a dozen of honorary awards, including the award of the British Empire, “The Lady of the Big Cross”.

Since 2003, Prince of Orange Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands with children have been living at the Villa Eikenhorst estate in the village of Wassenaar. Now in the line of succession to the throne, the eldest daughter of the prince 14-year-old Katharina-Amalia follows her father immediately.

11 years after the wedding, in 2013, Willem-Alexander tried on the crown, becoming the first man on the throne of the Netherlands. But behind his manly back is always a wise and loving wife. The one he chose on the advice of an astrologer from the magazine

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