Your guide in the world of entertainment: VVC

For the first time having arrived in the capital and asking the first comer how to get to the VVC, do not be surprised to hear in response that you need to go to the metro station VDNH. Despite the fact that the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy acquired a new name in one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two, the former name was firmly established in the minds of people. Today, the abbreviation VDNH refers to the whole area, which includes the museum of astronautics, Church Hill, the Golden Ear Hotel, the Ostankino TV Tower, and even the Golden Babylon store.

Until now, many guests and residents of Moscow in search of a place to spend their weekends, automatically typing in the search engine line "VDNH" instead of the officially approved name "VVC". A walk here is where. The territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Botanical Garden and Ostankino Park, represent a green recreation area with an area of ​​more than 700 hectares. In addition, the VDNH area is bordered by Sokolniki Park and Losinoostrovsky Reserve.

It is this area, which is not officially designated in any directory of the administrative-territorial division of Moscow, the site http: // Vdnh-otdikh.rf is dedicated. Here you can personally see the symbol of Mosfilm - the sculpture “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”, authored by Vera Mukhina, the world's unique highest television tower, included with the main Russian television center Ostankino, to become a visitor to the Cosmonauts Alley Museum Memorial Complex. The pavilions of the All-Russian Exhibition Center have great historical value, representing monuments of architecture.

In addition, the Exhibition of Economic Achievements constantly hosts events, the schedule of which is regularly updated on the website http: //vdnh-otdyh.rf. These are children's parties, themed shows, exhibitions, and festivals held both in the pavilions of the exhibition center and in the open air. And the now-traditional annual skating rink is a favorite vacation spot for local residents.

While in Moscow, by all means go to the VVC. He will meet everyone with open arms and will not leave anyone indifferent.

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