Youth Day 2016: the history of the holiday. Program, events, scenarios, congratulations for the International Youth Day in Russia

In Russia, there are many holidays: entertainment and memorable, corporate and national. But more fun and reckless than Youth Day is not to find. On this day, people invent the most creative scenarios and programs for entertainment, organize vivid events, attend fashionable concerts with songs and competitions, timed to the date. Youth Day 2016 has a deep history, from February 7, 1958, and to this day it has not once changed. But as before, and today the celebration brings in itself not only entertaining sense, but also the ideology of the state.

Youth Day 2016: the history of the holiday. Program, events, scenarios, congratulations for the International Youth Day in Russia

The history of the holiday Youth Day

Every progressive country relies on young people. It is for them to develop the state, build houses, roads and factories, make discoveries and discover the secrets of science. The same opinion was shared by the Soviet Union when, in 1958, it approved the "Day of Soviet Youth" on the very last Sunday of every June. On this holiday, organized mass sports events, numerous rallies, gala concerts with the awarding of distinguished young people.

Over time, there have been changes in the history of the Day of Youth. When in the 90s young people lost all sorts of landmarks due to the missing ideology, the solemn day was fixed for a specific date - June 27th. Although many still celebrate it in the old style. Unlike other long-ago events, which served as an occasion for creating a celebration, the history of the holiday The day continues from year to year. After all, the youth has always been, is and will be. Without such an active and purposeful stratum of society, full-fledged humanity is impossible.

Holiday of the Youth Day 2016 in Russia

Holiday Youth Day 2016 in Russia as before will be noisy and fun spent in all corners of the country. People who do not fall into the category from 14 to 30, also participate in the celebration.Someone supports their young children, someone does not want to grow old, some have already managed to step over the category of young people, so they strive to be closer to the young and active. It happens that absolutely solid and self-sufficient people fall into the very epicenter of events in order to recall their youth and cause a feeling of nostalgia. It turns out that the Youth Day holiday is not specialized, but universal, both in 2016 and in all previous ones.

Youth Day 2016: the history of the holiday. Program, events, scenarios, congratulations for the International Youth Day in Russia

Program and script for the Youth Day 2016

The program and script for the Youth Day 2016 will be the brightest and most intense. On this day, all kinds of concerts, performances of local governments, rewarding of the most talented and especially distinguished young people from 15 to 35 years old are organized at the government level. Music, competitions, dances, as inalienable attributes of the holiday, are visible and audible everywhere. Shopping and entertainment centers offer mass promotions and practical jokes, in the parks open evening dance circles, which smoothly flow into nightclubs. Not only activists of popular movements, but also young families, whose responsible life is just beginning, are in the center of attention.For one day, all of Russia is turning into a country of active, optimistic, enterprising young people.

Events and competitions for Youth Day 2016

All kinds of events and competitions are timed to the Youth Day 2016. Vocal festivals, dance competitions, sports relay races and much more paint this bright and active celebration. For young people, popular film shows and entertainment lotteries are organized in the shopping centers of large centers. Merry show programs and evenings with loud names (“Dance while you are young”, “We are young!”, “Treads on the planet are young!”) Throughout the country will call young, young and held for their full house. And city parks and alleys will be filled with modern attractions, shopping stalls and cheerful crowds.

Youth Day 2016: the history of the holiday. Program, events, scenarios, congratulations for the International Youth Day in Russia

Cool greetings on the International Youth Day 2016 in verses and short SMS

Congratulations on the International Youth Day 2016 - an integral part of the celebration. On this day, cheerful wishes are heard everywhere: from television screens, from radio speakers, from microphones at concerts, from the mouth of friends, colleagues, relatives and loved ones. It is better to choose beautiful greetings for the international holiday of the Day of Youth in advance, so that you don’t get lost in a hurry at the last moment.
Youth Day 2016 is a holiday that has already been celebrated 24 times at the state level. On this day, great programs for new scenarios, the best events, concerts and competitions gather in one circle all the young people. The old holiday with a deep history continues to evolve from year to year, acquiring new international traditions.


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